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Student Environmental Health Officer

My name is Sonia Iram and I am a Student Environmental Health Officer and have been on a weeks placement with the Birmingham Resilience Team. My overall week at the department was an interesting experience, to see different areas and the different job roles within the department that link together with emergency planning. I felt that the timetable designed for me for the week was good as it meant that I was able to see the different areas within the Emergency Planning department and allowed me to be both in and out of the office. I enjoyed Tuesday where I went on the following visits below I felt that I was able to relate this mostly to the job role of an Environmental Health Officer.


  1. First Site: Tyburn road – Allotment Grill 62: This was looking at the brook and how clean the water was flowing. Looking at the grill condition and any vegetation growth and fly tipping which could potentially block the flow of water in the brook.
  2. Second site: Longmoor Reservoir- Checking the progress of the site.
  3. Third site: A38 Highway Inspection- Inspection of the road also checking for any fly tipping and brook condition.

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