Working together for a resilient Birmingham.

Trainee Envirnonmental Health Officer

My name is Emily Hassall and I am a Student EHO currently on a year’s work placement from the University of Wolverhampton with Birmingham City Council Environmental Health Department. I have just begun my placement so I am getting to grips with learning about all of the different services within the council.

As part of my training I am required to gather experience from all fields relevant to Environmental Health, this includes engaging with an incident or situation in which a population is exposed to the risk of infection through an outbreak of communicable disease. Birmingham Resilience Team allowed me to spend a week with them, so that I could complete a review of their Pandemic Flu Plan. From this I was able to gain an understanding of the planning that goes into preparing for a Flu Pandemic. Not only this, but the team have also given me an insight into what would happen if there was an Emergency in Birmingham and how their systems allow them to communicate with the public and monitor the situation. I found this really interesting, from this experience I have realised how unaware the general public are to the level of work and planning that is done every day to ensure the safety of the city.

Thanks very much to Jawaid and the Birmingham Resilience Team for being so accommodating and allowing me to learn about their work.

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