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West Midlands rescue team heads to Haiti earthquake

A specialist rescue team from West Midlands Fire Service is heading for Haiti, following the force 7 magnitude earthquake which hit south of the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince on Tuesday 13 January.

The deployment consists of 12 personnel from the West WMFSMidlands specialist International Search and Rescue Team. Led by Station Commander Sean Moore and Firefighter Lee Ivory, they will be carrying out command and control and heavy rescue duties.

The Team part of the UK wide Search and Rescue Team and is due to depart from Gatwick International Airport as soon as weather conditions allow.

West Midlands Fire Service’s Search and Rescue Team regularly leads training exercises around the world as well as being at the forefront of a number live rescue missions. Most recently, the team has been training with rescue crews in Sweden and was a key player in the rescue missions following the earthquake in Indonesia last October and the floods affecting Cumbria in the, UK last November.

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