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Witton flood action group encourage flooding resilience

On Monday 27th June, the Witton Flood Action Group met at the local Witton Methodist Church to consider and discuss what can be done to unite the community and improve its collective resilience to flooding.

As residents and businesses throughout Birmingham and indeed the whole of the United Kingdom are increasingly aware, the risk of flooding is an ever-present threat to peoples’ well being and livelihood. Because of this, in areas specifically identified as at risk, the work of coordinated groups and associations to combat this threat is vital.

In particular, the group are seeking volunteers to undertake crucial roles in a flooding emergency, including looking out for and assisting local residents that may be particularly vulnerable in such a situation, or providing advice and guidance before, during and after a possible flood.┬áThe group is extremely keen to share their knowledge with the local community, and various innovative ways of doing this were discussed at the meeting, including the utilisation of social networking to share information. It was also acknowledged that momentum needs to be maintained in terms of simple things that can be done including engaging the community face to face, whether it’s a friendly knock at the door or stalls providing advice and guidance at local events.

If you live in the Witton area and would like to perform a volunteer role, or perhaps would just like to make contact with the group for some further advice and guidance, please contact Birmingham Resilience Team on 0121 303 4825, or email

This website has further links to some basic steps that businesses and households can take to protect against flooding:

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