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Yellow Warning for Snow

Update: 23rd January 11:15

The Met Office have issued a Yellow warning for snow for West Midlands region.

Further outbreaks of sleet or snow will affect parts of Wales and southwest England through today.  A further 2-5 cm is likely in places with perhaps as much as 10 cm over high ground. The public should be aware that this may lead to localised disruption to transport


Update: 18th January 15:45hrs

A number of bus and train services are affected (i.e. delays, routes, and/or cancellations).  Check travel websites before making journeys e.g. Help2Travel (, Network West Midlands (, Highways Agency (

The usual Friday afternoon peak traffic has started early.  Traffic is moving slowly particularly within the inner ring road but priority routes on the outbound carriageways are moving steadily.  Take extra care when travelling. Plan your journey before you set out. Check the weather forecast and road conditions.  Leave extra time if travel conditions are poor and consider delaying your journey if needed.

Update at 18th January 13:30hrs

An Amber Severe Weather Warning is in place today for snow.  We are liaising with colleagues in the Met Office who have informed us (as at 12:15hrs) that the radar shows persistent snow across much of the West Midlands region at the moment and this is expected to continue well into the afternoon. Much of the snow will be light but the intensity is expected to increase at times to bring heavier bursts of snow. However, from around mid-afternoon the snow is expected to become less continuous and more intermittent with any heavier bursts becoming less likely. 

During the evening and overnight further snow is possible at times but is expected to be mostly light. Overnight temperatures will remain around freezing or slightly below.
The cold weather is expected to continue through the weekend with mostly dry conditions on Saturday apart from some patchy light snow. Much of Sunday will be dry but there may well be further snow later on Sunday. Confidence regarding this is low at present. 
Highways and Resilience colleagues are liaising with internal and partner agency  colleagues. 
Our fleet of gritter vehicles are out and about treating the priority highway network.  Highways officers are monitoring CCTV and indicate that traffic flows are moving as well as can be expected on priority routes.

School closures are being widely reported via all usual mechanisms (radio stations, BCC website ( , individual school messaging systems, etc).

We have not received any snow related incident reports from the emergency services.  Key infrastructure locations such as hospitals are included within the priority gritting routes.

Bus companies are still operating, although in some areas they are diverting routes to keep to the priority roads. They have inspectors on the ground monitoring conditions and advising the public accordingly.

Refer to the usual public transport (bus and rail) disruption websites, e.g.,, twitter feeds, telephone numbers for up to date information about specific routes. There are some service delays and local disruption.

We will continue to liaise with internal and external colleagues and issue updates accordingly.
For more information and advice visit the Met Office or our snow and low temperature advice pages.

Update at: 17 Jan 2013, 10.10 AM: Cold Weather Alert – Level 3

The Met Office have issued a Level 3 Cold Weather Alert which indicates that there is 90 % probability of severe cold weather / icy conditions / heavy snow between 0900 on Thursday (17 January 2013) until 0800 on Monday (21 January 2013) that is likely to affect parts of England, including the West Midlands.
This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services. For more details follow the attached link to the Met Office Website  and for helpful advice during snow and low temperatures.

The cold weather health watch comprises four levels of response based on cold weather thresholds. The thresholds have been developed to trigger an alert when severe cold weather is likely to significantly affect people’s health. The alerts take account of temperature along with other winter weather threats such as ice and snow.

Update at: 17 Jan 2013, 8.42 AM: Amber Alert for Snow

The Met Office have issued an Amber Alert for snow from 0400 – 1800 on Friday 18 January 2013 throughout the UK. An area of snow looks increasingly likely to spread from the southwest. Winds will strengthen and blizzard conditions are likely, especially over high ground. Accumulations of more than 10-15 cm of snow could well occur quite widely, with the risk of 25 cm or more over high ground.

Clearly there is the potential for some severe disruption, and the public are advised to watch for updates to this warning and to be prepared to alter travel plans.

For further information and advice visit the Met Office

Check weather forecasts and take appropriate precautions

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