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Aston Expressway Update

Overnight on the 13th December traffic signal equipment on the A38(M) Aston Expressway was subjected to vandalism.  This has resulted in the non-operation of the tidal traffic lane on the expressway.  The Police are continuing to carry out investigations in to the incident and on completion of those investigations engineers will be assessing the damage caused and carrying out the necessary repairs. 

In the interim period the tidal lane will be closed for safety reasons which is likely to cause some disruption to traffic flow in the peak traffic times.  Information on the situation will continue to be distributed to drivers and the public through media briefings and signing on key roads which will include the use of potential traffic diversion routes.

Update: Monday 14 December 16:00

A temporary repair has been made that will enable the green arrows to show on the 3 lines inbound and outbound but not the middle lane.  The cones and traffic management currently closing the tidal lane will need to be in place until the overhead control is permanently repaired.

It’s likely to take a minimum of 24 hours to carry out a permanent repair with a maximum timescale of 48 hours.

Update: Thursday 17 December 06:00

The Aston Expressway is now operating as normal. 


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