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Are we taking the need to understand people’s needs too far?

Steve Grogan, Head of Birmingham Resilience Team blogs on the needs of individuals following emergencies.

“In the near future I will be attending a meeting where a number of emergency planning professionals will be discussing how best to facilitate the psychological needs of individuals who have been involved or impacted by a major emergency. 

Over the past couple of years, as an emergency planning professional I have been bombarded with information, guidance and advice informing me that all resilience arrangements must consider the ‘softer’ or ‘hidden’ human factor needs of responding and recovering from an emergency.  At our meeting we will discuss how we can both prepare people psychologically  and also help them recover from the psychological effects of an emergency.  We will discuss what resources and facilities we could or should have in place. 

I strongly believe there is a need for us to consider, plan and have the necessary ‘softer’ human factor arrangements in place, but are we or have we within our society taken this concept too far?

There is no doubt that after any emergency there will be individuals who  suffer psychological trauma and who genuinely need proper professional help so that they can fully recover from their experience.  But there is then the ‘flip side’; we are now regularly being informed via the media that we as a society need to ‘get a grip’ as we are or have lost the ability to respond or recover from the most minor of events that may cause us some upset.  It would be interesting to have peoples’ views and opinions regarding this area of our work.”

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