Working together for a resilient Birmingham.

Business as usual

Glen Curry, Birmingham City Council Emergency Planning Officer, blogs about an event staged last week as part of the council’s efforts to improve resilience across the city…

A major power cut affecting the majority of the city centre….severe weather hampering the repair efforts….vital council buildings affected….power unable to restored for up to 72hours….

This was the scenario faced by over 20 officers from all areas of the council when they met up last Wednesday (September 30) to discuss their response to this major disruption to council services.

‘Business Continuity Management’ is the term given to identifying events and emergencies that could prevent an organisation from working as normal and making arrangements to get the business can get back to usual as soon as possible.

The council has developed its business continuity arrangements over a number of years and is now well prepared to deal with a range of emergencies that could prevent all or parts of the council from functioning as normal.

It’s all very good having written plans, but testing them and discussing likely scenarios to see how we would manage them is even more important. So after a morning of deliberations and lively discussion, the staff were thoroughly put through their paces discussing how council services would continue to be delivered, even during a major long term power failure.

The learning from this experience is hoped to spread far and wide within individual teams and departments and together ensure it is business as normal!

You can view more information on how Birmingham is prepared and how to prepare your own business on our website

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