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Project Ripple Success

Mariola Smallman, Principal Emergency Planning Officer, blogs on Project Ripple – an event held for businesses to explore their business continuity arrangements and considerations in the event of a flooding scenario.

Project Ripple was a completely free half day event, which was attended by over 30 delegates from across the City. Some delegates’ businesses had experienced flooding at their premises, while others hadn’t, but at the exercise they were all faced with a day that started with typical bad weather that just got worse!

As the scenario unfolded before, during and after a flood, the delegates were asked questions about their arrangements and considerations.  At each stage professional partners and emergency services provided their expert input. Contributions were made by the Met Office; Environment Agency; West Midlands Fire Service; West Midlands Police; Business Link.

The event concluded with our guest speakers from Severn Valley Railway who gave us a taster of their flooding experiences. Severn Valley Railway overcame enormous challenges and successfully recovered their organisation through the hard work of their volunteers and organisations from both the public and private sector.  It is fair to say that although Severn Valley Railway had business continuity arrangements in place, they were nearly overwhelmed by the scale and complexity of the devastating flood damage to their operation, taking two years to return to pre-flood levels of trading. Severn Valley Railway advice holds true – a little bit of business continuity planning goes a long way.

All of us at BRT were very grateful to all our speakers, but special thanks go to Severn Valley Railway for sharing their experiences.

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