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Relying on power

Glen Curry, Emergency Planning Officer, blogs about a recent news article linked to how prepared businesses are for just one of the risks facing them.

The Birmingham Post have published an interesting article, highlighting fears amongst some business leaders about power cuts.

As we will have all experienced, power cuts at home can take you by surprise and leave us all wondering how we all coped without the mass of electrical gadgets and household items.  Torches and even the trusted candle are retrieved from that dusty box at the back of the cupboard. In most cases (but not all!) normal service is resumed relatively quickly.

For businesses however, loss of power supply can have costly effects. The article highlights some of the disruption that even short power cuts can have on businesses, including equipment and computer problems, loss of productivity and an increase in costs. The article also raises some questions about how businesses can best prepare for power cuts and whether back-up generators are the answer.  All interesting considerations that should form part of a good business continuity plan.

It may well be entirely right to put pressure on power watchdogs to reduce the frequency of power cuts. However, I’m sure that no one would disagree that power outages are never going to be entirely a thing of the past and so it is sensible to consider their impact…  How prepared is your business?

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