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Reservoir emergencies

The Environment Agency have released information on dealing with reservoir emergencies including maps to show if residents or businesses fall within an area that could flood from a reservoir.

reservorsThe advice follows changes to legislation and the outcomes of the Government’s Pitt Review (the independent review of the 2007 summer flooding) which have led to the Environment Agency producing maps of every reservoir in England and Wales.  Birmingham has 22 reservoirs.

Martin Tolman, Acting Head of Birmingham Resilience Team said: “The likelihood of reservoir failure is very low and there has been no loss of life due to dam failure in this country since the 1920’s.”

“The new information released by the Environment Agency should encourage the public to make sensible arrangements for facing a wide range of emergencies, including any flooding from reservoirs”.

Birmingham Resilience Team have published useful advice on their website and also produced an information leaflet with useful tips in the event of a reservoir emergency.

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